The Paterson Collection For Harrods

Harrods, London, UK  

The design has evolved to provide a functional and beautiful cabinet that will display this unique collection of whisky. Two woods have been chosen for this cabinet and reflect the quality and rarity of the Dalmore whisky. For the exterior Gavin has sourced some of the finest Santos Rosewood, an exotic highly figured wood. The interior of the cabinet is lined with Scottish ripple sycamore, this white timber which has an almost satin appearance has been selected as a direct contrast to the Rosewood and to provide a white reflective background to highlight the colour of whisky. 

David Robertson Director of Rare Whisky at The Dalmore distillery said
“Gavin's open, flexible, innovative and challenging pushback ensured we delivered a stunning piece of craftsmanship for The Dalmore Paterson Collection. 
Gavin and his team crafted a beautiful piece that elegantly frames, houses, secures and 
supports the precious whiskies within. A true pleasure to work with!”

Client: Whyte & Mackay
Project: The Paterson Collection Cabinet
Concept Design: Gavin Robertson